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Pomeranian Donnie

Male parti Pomeranian with Alopecia X

Donnie ist a 5 year old male Pomeranian of creme and white parti color.

He was neutered before 10 months of age, because he had an undescended testicle.
His hair loss started around age 4. His hair was dry and brittle feeling. It was getting thin at the base of his tail, where he started losing it first, then on his neck and stomach. Interestingly his skin was turning black before all the hair fell out.
After he came down with BSD he became very neurotic and hyper.

His owners were told he had allergies etc. They did standard bloodtests and skin scrapings. His thyroid was normal. They ran every known test on him and ended up at a veterinary dermatologist, who diagnosed an endocrine imbalance linked to the adrenal gland. Determined he was lacking testosterone, he was prescribed Methyltest (a steroid testosterone product).

After being on testosterone for a year, his hair had grown back and he had an intense full coat. But his personality definately changed on the testosterone.

Itís been over two years and the testosterone isnít working anymore and he is gone back to being bald around the base of his tail.

These photos are of him on testosterone. He was bald, then grew hair when he was started on testosterone treatment and now he is going bald again even on the testosterone.

Thank you to Donnie and his owners!
Photos © Owners

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