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Pomeranian Baci

Baci before he started to shed.

Baci was a puppy with a thick woolly coat. His coat didn't shed and he never got his adult coat.
At age 13 months he started to lose his coat, but not in the normal way.

Baci at the onset of his hair loss.
It was mostly around his tail area, hind legs and on the stomach.
His black hair had turned brown and was falling off.

In addition he got persistent/chronic diarrhea.
He was put on a home cooked diet which finally balanced him out.
Now he is on Natural Balance duck and potato formula for allergic dogs and doing fine.

Once Baci was stabilized and his diarrhea had ceased, he was neutered.
The vets had asked that he was neutered, to see if that would help. They said that it helps in 50% of the cases.
In the meantime Baci was bought little coats and sweaters, as it was getting cold already.

Since his neutering 4 months ago, some hair is growing back. All the black hair is new hair.
It is not the thick undercoat type hair, but more what is guard hair in feel.
His stomach is well covered and above the tail toward the upper back hair has been growing in.
The rear part is still not covered, although there are little patches growing.

Thank you to Leonora and Pomeranian Baci!

Photos © Leonora

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