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Pomeranian Rudy

More than just a "cosmetic problem"?

Before hair loss -
Rudy at age 3

After hair loss -
Rudy age 5

Rudy was a very pretty Pomeranian. He was never shown, as he was a monorchid and he was neutered at 11 months.
He always carried a huge coat even as a pup and never had the normal year old shed.
The coat loss did not start until shortly after his third birthday. I noticed it first on his thighs, then it just spread.

His mental health problems started right about the same time and the more coat loss, the worse the behavior problems became. He started chasing imaginary flies, circling, with rhythmic barking. All of this happens only at night. I started crating him at night and the problems stopped for over a year. Now he is flipping out in his crate at night and has to be let out and when he gets out, all of the above behaviors start.

He was taken to the vet, had a complete health work up and all tests came back normal. At this point the vet thinks it is some sort of OCD (Obsessive-compulsive disorder) or a Bipolar disorder. He put him on Clomipramine and Clorazdipot, but so far there has been no improvement in his condition. Rudy is suffering as he can't help himself.
I have also tried most of the over the counter remedies as well with no luck.
His appetite has also gone down to about nothing. He will take a bite then start acting like the food is going to bite him.

It was one thing when it was only cosmetic, but when it starts to affect their mental health, it is a tragedy.
I was wondering if anyone has experienced any Mental Health Problems with their BSD dogs. If anyone has had this, I would love to hear from you.

"I often think of how many pups Rudy could of had out there
if he would of had two normal testicles and finished his championship."

Photos © Breeder/Owner

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